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Safety in a Minute

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The Alberta Hospitality Safety Association is charged with a very important task: to ensure that employees in hotels and motels are safe at work. Since 1999, the non-profit association has served the hospitality industry by working to raise awareness of health and safety practices, and “promote a culture of health and safety through education, programs and services.”


When the AHSA came to the Met, the association was looking to design a safety policy toolkit for hotel managers to share with staff members. Instead, we suggested a campaign consisting of short videos that would help raise the profile of safety issues in the hospitality industry, inform workers about proper procedure and help keep them safe. It was a radical departure from what the AHSA had asked for, and we were thrilled when they jumped at the idea.


Our thinking was that a policy document ran the risk of being shared a few times, before being put on a shelf and forgotten about. Safety practices may be important, but they aren’t very exciting. Videos gave us a chance to develop messages that could be more effective than a document: instead of a staid document that might be skimmed and promptly dismissed, we’d create humorous, attention-grabbing videos that couldn’t be ignored. And this type of a medium would enable us to directly communicate to our core audience who were the ground level workers.

Okay, so there were a few documents as well: for each video we designed an accompanying Safe Work Practice document that expands on the content of the video. These documents codify the responsibilities of workers and supervisors, and explain safe work procedures that should be followed.


We didn’t just film videos, stick them on the Internet and call it a day: we also developed a full branding package for the series (which we called Safety in a Minute) and a website that provided a convenient place for workers and supervisors to view the videos and download the accompanying documents. The bigger and more identifiable we made the campaign, the better chance it would be something that had an effect on the safety of hospitality workers.

Safety in a Minute was a huge success. The website,, has been viewed over 24,000 times, and new videos continue to be made. In 2014, the Safety in a Minute series took home an award at the 40th annual Alberta Film and Television Awards.

We’re incredibly proud of the work we did on this project. We always say it is great to do good work, it’s even better when that work helps people stay safe. The development of projects like Safety in a Minute has reduced the number of people getting hurt at hotels and motels in Alberta, and we’re proud to have been a part of that.

“Safety in a Minute is simply a series of one-minute videos presented in a fun, smart yet quirky way – intended to grab the viewer’s attention… Working with The Met Agency has been nothing short of amazing, and the relationship between The Met Agency and the AHSA continues to flourish.”

Barbara Malacko, former Executive Director

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