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Our people are our foundation.

(Let's get to know each other.)

James Morrissey

Founder and Principal

Prior to founding the Met, James was marketing director of MacEwan University for more than a decade. Over 25 years in the industry, James has focused on building mutually beneficial partnerships with clients, with trust, expertise and strategy at the foundation of everything he does.

When he isn’t leading the Met Agency—and sometimes when he is—James can be found writing songs on his guitar.

Chris Reyes

Graphic Designer

Chris is a graduate from MacEwan University with a major in design & digital media. Chris’s passion for design had him growing an on online presence with his photography and design work that has garnered him local online recognition. He believes that the right mix of good design and high creativity has the capacity to drive businesses forward, create lasting relationships and ultimately, change the world.

When he isn’t attempting to learn new software, Chris is usually out wandering and shooting somewhere with his camera in hand or playing music – making mad beats on a drum set for small gigs here and there.

Jane Hugo

Account Manager

Jane holds a degree in Psychology from the University of Alberta and joined the Met with experience in government, hospitality and recruitment. Jane’s curiosity for life and passion for engaging with people are what drive her to seek out the best solutions for clients.

Outside of the office, Jane can be found flipping people over with her mad Jiu Jstu skills and practicing the accordion.

Valerie McKernan

Account Manager

Holding a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from the University of Alberta, Valerie has taken an interest in marketing strategy over a wide spectrum of industries. From experience working in the oil and gas industry to completing a certificate in non-profit work, Valerie is able to connect with her clients’ varying needs. Valerie’s enthusiasm for life and her ability to adapt to new challenges make her an asset to her clients.

Having a background in sales and marketing in the automotive industry, Valerie knows what truly drives conversions and is able stay ahead of the game.

Valerie’s innate love for the great outdoors has her climbing mountains and exploring new countries in her free time.

Just a little bit more about us.

(What we really want to hear about is you!)

The Met Agency has been creating advertising in Edmonton for over a decade, and many of our clients have been with us since the beginning. We’ve had clients take us with them as they’ve moved from one job to another, and then another. After finishing a campaign we often find we’re receiving referrals from our clients. It is so gratifying to know that we can make a powerful impact on the companies we serve.

It works for us because the Met is a different kind of agency: we believe great relationships produce great outcomes. The better we get to know our clients, the better we’ll know what it takes to get you noticed. We want to be a more comfortable advertising agency, and we want to get to know you better.

Among others, the Met’s clients include Alberta Health Services, Alberta Hotel Safety Association, Boston Pizza, Campers Village, the City of Edmonton, Edmonton Valley Zoo, Homeward Trust, Jiffy Lube, and the University of Alberta.

Our Process

The Met Agency has developed a four-step process to our work that allows us to approach your needs in a systematic way, ensuring the best results every time.


By conducting stakeholder discussions we can stimulate the creative process by helping to identify your brand’s unique attributes, your core audience, your company personality, and how you differentiate from your competitors.


The Met team then develops the strategic roadmap or brief. The roadmap establishes a creative direction while laying out the necessary deliverables and potential challenges of the project. A clear roadmap makes it much easier to reach our goal.

Creative Journey

Whether it’s TV or radio, print or billboard, online or social media, or full-on rebranding, we use what we’ve learned about you to drive our creative journey. We develop and present a number of options that reference and reflect your values, as laid out in our roadmap.


Finally, we execute: our award-winning staff has the experience to design advertising that is effective and engaging. No matter the final deliverables, you can be assured of the highest-quality work. We stand behind our methods, our work and our results.

To see examples of our work and our process, visit our Portfolio.

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