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Jane Hugo |

Well, we made it through the move! 

It’s risky business moving at the end of November, but thankfully the weather cooperated and there was no snow.

All in all, the move was a success. There were only two casualties- a broken wine glass and a smashed up computer screen (one casualty was slightly more expensive than the other).

With packing, comes uncovering tales of account executives and designers past. 

Though I haven’t met the people in the stories, the fun and whimsy that were had at The Met is very apparent. I’ve heard tales of baking gingerbread in the kitchen, yoga sessions in the backyard and pulling all nighters to ensure a smooth launch for clients. 

It’s been interesting to come on board The Met during this season of transition. I’m only two weeks into my career here and already there have been a lot changes (I’ll write more about myself and the exciting changes to come in the new year). The stories I’ve heard make me look forward to what is to come.

We have an incredible team here of thoughtful, talented and mildly quirky people.  

We have a team that is committed to delivering the best for our clients, in compelling and unique ways. All in all, it’s a fantastic group and the new space is just the frosting on the cake.

So, what next?

Now we unpack, organize and reset for the New Year. There is much anticipation and excitement for what’s in store for 2017.

With new faces and spaces comes renewed energy and creativity.

We’ve only been in this new office for a week and already we feel a little lighter (this may be partly due to the paint fumes though). 

Come by, say hello, check out the new bright place and have a cup of joe. 

We hope to see you soon. 

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