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Light it Up

Ali Carter |

When we sat down to brainstorm about the theme for our next newsletter and blog post, we decided to draw inspiration from the month of June having the longest day of the year. With our dark winters behind us, this day is basically Christmas to us Edmontonians. But of course, it also got us thinking about how light is used in design.

This month we are featuring a recent campaign done for Edmonton City Centre’s new food court, Elevate Food Fare. We were given the challenge of creating three concepts that marry food with fashion. With endless options of objects you may find in a mall, we focused on choosing three food items first and then incorporating the fashion aspect into them. We approached the creation of these concepts a little differently than originally planned as well. We decided to work with a 3D Illustrator to make the objects really stand out. We presented the client with sketches of our concepts, a colour palette and examples of 3D illustration.


Then it came down to putting everything together. The end result is a mix of photography and 3D illustration, resulting in very careful consideration of light and shadows.


Light was used to create depth, and assemble all of the different pieces together. The magic of using the light to give the impression this object is one piece instead of multiple parts. Without the use of light, this concept wouldn’t be possible. 

In the end, it was a fascinating process to work with a 3D Illustrator and be able to incorporate photography and illustration into a dynamic campaign.


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