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Full of motion

Jamie Klassen |

A morning run seemed like the perfect time to contemplate what I could write about on the subject of motion. As I thought about motion in advertising, and everyday life at The Met Agency, a few thoughts came to mind.

The Met is always moving: Our agency is filled with individuals who are constantly in motion. From walking dogs and running to barre and biking, we move a lot.

Moving means better thinking: I assume that everyone’s mother said something like mine – “Stand up and get that blood moving so you can think!” Okay, if your mother wasn’t a teacher, she probably didn’t say things like that. But, my mother was right. Motion plays an important role in creative brainstorming. Sometimes you need to get up from your desk, walk around the block, or just refill your coffee to come up with that perfect idea.

Design doesn’t have to move, to be moving: I’ve learned that design and art are full of motion. There is the more obvious motion, like animations and videos. Plus, technology like augmented reality and virtual reality are bringing even more opportunity to have motion and movement in design. But I’ve learned that something doesn’t have to be animated to have motion or appear like it’s moving.

As a non-designer, my relationship with design is different from the creative team in our agency. I don’t have the technical training about proper balance, whitespace and kerning. But that’s okay. As the viewer of creative work, I can interpret the elements the way I see them. Here’s an example:

This is a visual identity we did for an amazing organization we rebranded last year, Compass Centre for Sexual Wellness. While I can’t tell you all the technical details about the design, I can tell you how I see motion.


The icon is full of motion! Don’t see it yet? That’s okay! What do your eyes do? When I look at it, my eyes naturally go straight to the centre and then are forced up and out. It feels like the icon is so excited about being there it is actually jumping!

The typeface chosen is full of movement too. The minimalist serif creates a movement in the letters, making them almost fluid. It feels so easy to read and my eyes naturally flow through the word.

Compass Centre plays such an important role in the community with their education, counseling and multi-cultural programs. For them to have an identity that has motion just makes sense. They are always moving, adapting and reaching out to provide more programs and be even more involved in the Edmonton community.

You don’t have to be a designer to see motion in design. I’m not and I see it everywhere. Next time you are looking at an ad or a logo, stop and think about how motion is incorporated. How do your eyes naturally flow over it? Does the typeface encourage you to flow through the copy? It might just change the way you look at art and design.

I want a different kind of ad agency.

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