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The Power of Colour

Alex Descotes |

Colour is experienced in so many ways. While each of us has our own personal connection to colour, there is also cultural symbolism and meaning that can impact this connection.


When adding colour to any brand, we hold a level of responsibility in being aware of the importance that colour holds. Often when we present initial concepts to clients, we hold back from using any colour at all. The reason is simple; because we each have a personal and cultural affiliation with colour, colour in itself can become a distraction to the success of a design.

Once a black and white version is approved, we then move on to adding colour, but there are things to think about passed personal preference. We already mentioned cultural symbolism but there are other factors to consider. Who is your target demographic? What emotion do you want your brand to emulate? Are there colours associated with your brands product? Where will your brand live? These are all things to contemplate when introducing colours to a brand.

As a fun exercise, check out Brand Colours, it acts as a colour library for some of todays largest brands. It’s interesting to browse through the different palettes and speculate the reasons behind some of their colour choices. Or maybe test whether you can recognize the brand based off of the colour palette alone.


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