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Elections + Social Media = Exhaustion

James Morrissey |

It has been quite a long election. Painful really. There is one major issue that has gotten under my skin during this election: social media, most especially Facebook.

Remember the good old days when people kept it to themselves about who they were voting for? I remember asking my parents when I was a kid and they would not tell. It was private information. And I used to love the political television ads. In fact some of my all time favourite ads are election ads. More about that later!

I also liked when Facebook was about what was going on in a person’s life, what they liked on YouTube, videos about kids strung out on dental painkillers, that sort of thing. But it seems that many people I know want me to vote for their leader of choice. They are sharing political ads, some of them just silly (one ad asked: Is terrorism a concern? Yes/No).

I unfriended one “friend” that compared Stephen Harper to Hitler. Then a very smart friend of mine (hey Melanie!) let me in on why. You should read about Godwin’s Law. Seems if an Internet discussion goes on too long, someone will compare someone to Hitler. Seriously.

I alluded to some of the great TV ads. Thought I would share my favourite two commercials from US presidential elections. The first is Ronald Reagan’s “It’s Morning Again in America” ad, created by legendary advertising genius Hal Riney.

And finally the “Peace Little Girl” ad created by DDB in 1964. It only aired once but was so controversial that it became an international news story and won the election for Johnson.

I can rest assured that by next Tuesday I will have everything back to normal, and I can once again enjoy Facebook photos of babies and breakfasts.

I want a different kind of ad agency.

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