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The Complete Universe (More or Less) of Wes Anderson

Tracy Niven |

Like many designers, I can’t help but be inspired by the films of Wes Anderson. He employs a unique visual style, quirky dialogue, and recurring themes to tie his films together into a highly identifiable body of work. Although his films have spawned many imitators and parodies, none can truly match his obsessive eye for detail – from his perfectly symmetrical compositions, to his well-crafted colour palettes, to the typeface chosen for a prop book cover that’s off screen faster than you can say, “whackbat”. Wes Anderson works closely with a small team of similarly detail-driven designers, and inspires me to examine the details of my own work at a tighter level.

For these reasons, I was inspired to illustrate the many different characters from across the Wes Anderson universe (76 characters to be exact). To keep myself accountable to a one-a-day model, I began posting my daily illustrations on Instagram. A small but enthusiastic following developed, which encouraged me to eventually design a poster called “The Complete Universe (More or Less) of Wes Anderson”, which is now available for sale on Etsy.

A few people have asked me if I kept track of my hours for this project, and I’m both disappointed and relieved that I didn’t. As the illustration style evolved, I found myself revisiting and redesigning characters, and later agonized over everything from the kerning of my headline to the paper that I printed on. But as a tribute to Wes Anderson, I guess that kind of obsession is only fitting.

WesAndersonMockup1-750pxWesAndersonMockup2-750pxEtsy3-750pxBottleRocketRushmoreTenenbaums LifeAquaticDarjeelingFantasticMrFoxMoonriseKingdomGrandBudapest   

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