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Introducing Tracy

Tracy Niven |

Hi there! My name is Tracy Niven. I’m a designer, and the newest member of the creative team at The Met Agency.

For as long as I’ve been able to hold a pencil in my hand, I’ve been illustrating and designing in some form or another. Growing up, I spent much of my free time drawing my own books and comic strips, and designing Web 1.0 sites (like Geocities, but I swear mine were way cooler). You could say my first stint in advertising occurred in high school, when I was elected by the student population to paint banners for various school events. My official title was Director of Public Relations and it paid in off-brand slurpees and get-out-of-class-free passes. Realizing that there was a way I could turn my passion into a profession, I applied for the Design and Illustration program at MacEwan University.

Since graduating, I’ve honed my skills at a few different design and advertising agencies in Edmonton, but I couldn’t be happier to join the team at The Met. Although I’ve only been here for just over a month now, I’ve already dived head first into some very exciting projects. What I love most about working in advertising and design is the constant challenge of distilling complex messages into clear and engaging ideas. It can be functional and it can be beautiful, and hopefully it makes your day a little bit better when you see it. To quote one of my favourite designers, Paul Rand: “good design is good will” – a sentiment that has stuck with me since graduating.

When I’m not glued to an iMac at work, I’m often still glued to one at home. I enjoy spending my free time working on passion projects – for example, I recently completed 72 character illustrations all from across the Wes Anderson universe (poster in the works!). But since they say it’s apparently important to stand up once in awhile, I also enjoy rollerskating (not to be confused with rollerblading), playing the ukulele (badly), and logging steps on my FitBit with my dog, Willabee.

Well, I think that’s about all I can say for now. Any questions? Come on by and say hello!

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