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Introducing Ali

Ali Carter |

Hi, I’m Ali, an Account Executive at The Met Agency and owner of the longest job title: Account Executive/Social Media Specialist. I’ve been a part of this fantastic team of intelligent individuals for almost five months and it’s safe to say I’m fitting in nicely, right team?

Growing up with my Dad in the advertising industry, it’s no surprise I’ve ended up in a similar position. I say similar because of my role here at The Met Agency as Social Media Specialist.  Growing up, adults always seemed to say ‘You’ll figure it out,’ ‘Things happen for a reason,’ and other sayings that frustrate you because you’re asking adults for the answers and you realize they don’t have them either. Well, social media has been that ‘you’ll figure it out’ thing that I finally figured out.

After having used social media personally for a couple of years, I got an internship at a digital agency managing the company’s social media profiles, among other things. This was my first crack at creating content, managing a schedule, and studying analytics – and boy did I love it! The idea that you can create an online persona for a company that is uniquely theirs and attracts a loyal following was truly fascinating to me. So began my pursuit of social media, both personally and professionally, ending up here at The Met Agency.

There is no doubt that the five other people that make up The Met Agency are talented, creative, and hard-working, but in my short five months here, I am blown away by how lovely, supportive, and hilarious everyone is. I’m grateful to be a part of The Met Agency team and I hope I’ll be able to show the incredible qualities this team possesses through our social media channels. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @TheMetAgency!

I suppose I should share a little about me? Well, my best friend is a rescue mutt named Baloo, I’m usually always reading, and as my partner would say, I’m ‘always on my phone’ – it is my job, after all! I also love camping, cooking, beer-ing, wine-ing, and learning how to play the mandolin. Stop by the McKenzie House and say hello!

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