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It’s only taken a year.

Jamie Klassen |

Not only is the beginning of a brand new year, it also marks my one-year anniversary with The Met. A whole year! It seems like yesterday I joined this crazy group, and yet feels like I’ve been here for years (in a good way of course). As I think back over the year, I’ve noticed something has changed that is pretty exciting. Now, I can get pretty excited about ordinary things – like fresh coffee, clean sheets and parcels in the mail. Sometimes, much to my dismay, people don’t seem to join in my excitement. But this is actually one of those ‘Wow, that’s super exciting!’ moments, not a ‘Jamie thinks this is exciting, so smile and nod.’

The change I’ve realized is the way I look at things. When I drive by a billboard, I don’t look at the content anymore; instead I count the number of elements on it and if the message is clear from my brief interaction. When I look at signage or posters, I notice what fonts were used and how the information is laid out, not the actual words. I read magazines and brochures like I’m proofing them for print.


This change can only mean one thing: I’m officially thinking like an advertising professional (or as I like to call an AdWoman).

It’s only taken a year. A year filled with its share of wins, losses, a lot of laughter, a few tears (insert wedding planning), but most importantly, learning. Learning the names of fonts; learning how to calculate the number of pages a self covered booklet can be (Sorry, it can’t be 13 pages!); learning about offset vs. digital printing. And that doesn’t even scratch the surface.

As 2015 begins, I’m super exited about the year ahead and what else The Met team will teach me.

I want a different kind of ad agency.

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