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Leave it behind.

Michelle McBride |

Occasionally, I get contacted by designers in the province, looking to network and connect to professionals. This really excites me, as I love meeting new people and seeing new creative points of view. Every once and awhile, someone leaves a special ‘treat’ with me. It’s not chocolate, it’s design candy and I think it’s brilliant.

I keep these treasures people leave with me, and every once and awhile I think of these designers. This is important. If a job ever comes up at the Met or anywhere else, I can recall these people almost instantly. They stay front of mind for me, and I always have positive feelings towards them.

This works for an agency or studio too. Leo Burnett has a pretty spectacular flash drive. We have a sketchbook. It makes me (and I’m sure our team) feel elated when people receive the piece. People get excited, it’s a small gift. Who doesn’t like an unexpected gift?

Next time you are trying to make an impression, put a little effort into a promotional piece. You may be leaving it behind, but it goes a long way.

I want a different kind of ad agency.

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